Martin's corner



Having played many of these two part or three part sessions I have come to the conlusion that they have no positive long term benefit to club or league chess. in an age of computers and a lack of spare time to analyse, the computer will always win out.however my major observation is the effect on parents with the idea of bringing along the family. no new youngsters, no future chess club.
having gone to one particular club and already having won the match a draw was refused to a new young member and this was after we had agreed a draw in a plus position on another board. not a major disaster but enough to leave the parents with further arrangements to make. have you got transport? if you have not , best of luck. rearranging times. lifts. weather freezing and the hassle of the british transport system. my personal favourite adj , was at redditch many years ago. having followed the handbook directions i ended up in burntwood, pitch black on the station, as the train no longer went any further.
the other side of the coin.  me and sean going to halesowen on a suicide mission, with 2 awful games and both getting draws and winning the match. with plenty of time for the black country beverage. still do not know who talks the most.
here is an adj  game from last year versus dave gostelow, from olton chess club, like most adj's this is long, hard fought and very tiring. i should have accepted a draw on the night but we were close to the end of the championship and lichfield were in no mood to give up.
white to play a very drawish game.
1 create an imbalance 2 play quick  3 re position all your pieces    4 hope for the best